Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trusting God in your life

In the last quarter of the year 2013, the Philippines suffered from 2 big tragedies, namely, the 7 .0 Magnitude earthquake that happened in Bohol last October 15, 2013 and the Typhoon Yolanda that almost destroyed the entire place of Tacloban last November 2013.  In these kind of event, people who saw these kind of tragedies sometimes will make precautionary measures in order to prevent them from experiencing the same, some go beyond the norm, some cannot sleep because of worry.  I am not against precautionary measures but sometimes, we forget to trust God.  There is this understanding that if it is already your time (to leave earth).  Then whatever you do and no matter how many precautionary measures you make.  It won't make any difference, because it is your "time".  But if it is not yet your time, then the reverse is true, no matter how many tragedies or calamities you experience, you will survive....because it is not yet your "time".  Having said that, I believe it could help us not to worry too much but trust in God who alone is sovereign, who alone is "in control" of all the things happening.. and everything that happens....happens for a reason.

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