Thursday, January 9, 2014


The 5 best IPAD Oganizer app for me: 
I didn't buy my ipad to play games only. Although it is one of the best gadget to play games with.  I noticed that if I can transform my ipad into one powerful organizer, then I can bring my ipad and keep track of all the things I needed to do at the same time, have fun!  So after scouting for different apps, here are some of the apps that I found very precious in organizing your life.

1.) Calendars 5     
This App can really help you in organizing you schedules. It has a Year, month week and day view so as to give the user options for their reference  Making a schedule is now better because of this app!!

2.) Notability        
This is a note collector app in which you create notes and file it.  You can use text and also use your own handwriting, also you can use this to keep your passwords because you can create a locked folder to secure your files.  You can also use this to record your voice, and send it  in different formats so that you won't miss anything important.Worth it!!!

3.) Max Journal          
Tired of the usual journal or diary that you are using? then use Max journal.  A journal/diary that can help you keep track of what happened to your life.  You can also create a different folders to distinguish maybe work from friends, etc.  The interface is excellent and the back - up is good.  You won't need another journal recording app once you have this. 

4.) Pocket Expense 

Losing you money without remembering where you spend it? Pocket Expense app might help you!! I don’t really know how to explain the app because it has everything!!! From recording your expense, organizing your budget, checking for unpaid utilities…anything!!! It’s awesome!!!

 5.) My Stuff 2 – Home inventory and Database 

This app organizes everything!!! Your Office, your house, your books, gadgets, even friends!! Hahaah! Try it! This app also has a recording system so that you can keep track of things you lost, or destroyed or lend to a friend. 

All of these apps here has a cost and I've been using these apps for a long time.  I don’t want to waste my money on different apps that functions the same.  My suggestion? Buy these apps and you won’t look for another app in the future.  Happy Apping!! J  

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