Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Motivations are very important, these are the things that matter to God, no matter how big or how presentable our actions might be, if our motivation is wrong...then it will not glorify God.  Sadly, a lot of Christians in our generation are inside the church, maybe serving inside the church...but they have the wrong motivation....

1.) Some serve because of benefits, in exchange of their service, the church gives them benefits.  Tuition fee for their children, free food, etc. . These people can't be seen anymore once the benefit is gone.

2.) Some serve so that they could become famous.  Maybe they are running for a position in the church or in the government.  When they get to know more people, they will have more votes.

3.) Some serve so that their business would bloom.  They go to church and serve but they sell their products underground, they hit two birds in one stone....but God isn't glorified.

4.) Some, like pastors, serve because they are given a salary, but once they stopped receiving salary from the church, they also stop serving.

This is reality and this is something that we should think about.....are we serving because it is in a way saying "thank you" to the Creator who saved us through the blood of Christ?  or because we can take advantage of the church?